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Hum Honey Pure Raw Cold Extracted
Hum Honey Pure Raw Cold Extracted
Hum Honey Pure Raw Cold Extracted

Hum Honey Pure Raw Cold Extracted

  • Each and every jar has captured the purity of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and you really will taste the difference. We want people to savour the flavour of Hum Honey and love it as much as we love bringing it from our hives to your honeypot.

    Hum Honey bees free-range on their choice of subtropical rainforest and open forest hardwoods of the pristine Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Only organic, natural beekeeping methods are used. There are no pesticides, no chemical residues, no antibiotics and no additives. Hum Honey is cold pressed extracted with minimal filtration and this means all the natural health benefits remain in your honey capturing the natural nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, pollen and powerful antioxidants.

    Sustainability is vital, and our brand philosophy is focused on our bees and their working environment. Our glass jars can be reused and are recyclable.  Return clean with your milk bottles and Icepacks.

    To create this delicious spring honey, our bees were busy free- ranging on the following flowers:

    • Blue Gums
    • Tea Trees
    • Tallowwoods
    • Ironbarks
    • Callistemons
    • Banksias
    • Clover