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Hum Honey Cold Fusion - Organic Rose Petal
Hum Honey Cold Fusion - Organic Rose Petal
Hum Honey Cold Fusion - Organic Rose Petal

Hum Honey Cold Fusion - Organic Rose Petal


  • Start with pure cold extracted HUM HONEY , add Organic Australian Rose Petals, cold infuse and let the flavour intensify.

    Let this fusion add some sweet fragrance to your dish. Divine to drizzle over pancakes, crepes, French toast, ice cream, oatmeal or pastries.

    The beautiful blush petals help you to plate up to perfection. Teas and smoothies are a sensual treat with this heavenly infusion.

    Like our original HUM HONEY, our award winning COLD FUSION range is pure, cold extracted honey that is never heat treated so that you can enjoy all the added health benefits that the carefully selected organic infusions bring to our delicious honey.

    Each fusion has its own unique flavour, ready for you to indulge in straight from the jar or to complement your next sweet or savoury dish. From our decadent Truffle Fusion on a cheese board, to the subtle sweetness of the Lavender Fusion or our multi award winning Lemon Myrtle Fusion which is fabulous, sweet or savoury; there is a fusion to suit every occasion and palate.

    Our decadent COLD FUSION range has been infusing for a minimum of four weeks and is never heat-treated. Indulge immediately or store your honey in a cool, dry place and allow the flavours to further intensify!

    Minimal filtration is used so all the natural health benefits remain in your honey; natural nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, pollen and powerful antioxidants. There is nothing else added.  No syrups or artificial flavours, just the primary ingredient of the infusion, which is sourced, wherever possible, locally and organically grown.