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How do I order?

Community Supported Boxes

If you are a low - medium income household and wish to access the discounted pricing. Please register here. You will need to provide proof of income via the last 2 payslips and last years income tax statement. If you are a pensioner or on disability an income tax statement from Centrelink will suffice. Please get in touch via email, if you have any concerns or are struggling to find suitable documentation. Usually a conversation will suffice and we can work out what is required. There is a waiting list but as soon as all documentation is received we can pre-approve you. As soon as a market value box subscription is secured and you are next on the waiting list we will approve you and provide a special discount code for your use.


Browse through our “Shop” here or use the navigation links on the top of the page. Here you will see all our items listed.  Alternatively you can click on the "Order" drop down and shop via category.  All our items are categorised into areas such as "Set Boxes, "Go Nuts", "Fruit", "Veggies", "Herbs", "Dairy & Eggs" and "Groceries"). 

We have 3 main shopping options for you. 

Option 1:  Build Your Own (Once off, Weekly or Fortnightly). Market Value Subscribers get; 5% off every order, Meal Plans & Recipe Cards and automated entry to monthly draw to win a $50 store voucher. For every seasonal market value box subscription purchased, the equivalentwill be made available to a low-med income household. Once off purchases - 10% profits go back into business to help us do what we do.

Click here to purchase, choose "Once Off Order" or "Subscribe & Save. 

Option 2: Purchase a Set Seasonal Box (Once off, Weekly or Fortnightly). Market Value Subscribers get; 5% off every order, Meal Plans & Recipe Cards and automated entry to monthly draw to win a $50 store voucher. For every seasonal market value box subscription purchased, the equivalentwill be made available to a low-med income household. Once off purchases - 10% profits go back into business to help us do what we do.

Click here to purchase, choose "Once Off Order" or "Subscribe & Save. 

Option 3: ZERO WASTE & REFILLS(Once Off, Monthly,Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Refill Service) Get all yourr Laundry, Kitchen and Perrsonal Care Zero Waste products delivered on a Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Basis.  Purchase a dispensor first and then choose your refills.  Leave out clean jars out front on day of next delivery and we will take care of them.  

Remember: New Orders & Changes to exxisting subscriptions must be received by Saturday 5pm for Delivery the following Wednesday or Thurdsay. 


Where do you deliver?

We are excited to offer Feel Good Food Boxes to most areas of the Sunshine Coast.

Outside of Sunshine Coast

We deliver to other SEQ areas including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Gympie and others east coast locations via overnight courier such as Townsville, Newcastle. Please contact us for a quote.


What days do you deliver?

We deliver all orders on Wednesdays (Metro Areas) / Thursdays (Rural Areas).  You must have your order in or updated by Saturday 5pm for delivery the following week.


What are the delivery costs?

Sunshine Coast: Free for Market Value orders over $100 otherwise $10 

Brisbane: $14.95 

All orders Gympie, Moreton Bay, Redland, Logan, Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Somerset: $19.95. 

Please contact us for shipping costs to other areas.


What is the minimum order?

There is no minimum order however delivery rates will apply for Sunshine Coast residents if under $100.

What if I have special delivery requirements?

Please add any special notes regarding delivery on your order.  For example call on arrival, leave in cold room / protected area etc.

Can I pick up my order?

At this point in time, we can only offer delivery.  Although during early 2019 we aim to include a few pick up locations.

What if I am outside your delivery area?

We would love to roll this out Australia wide so please register your interest here.  As demand requires we will branch out to meet.




State / Area:

What are the payment options?

You can use either Visa or MasterCard to pay through our online store.

What happens when I order refrigerated items?

Feel Good Food Boxes provides refrigerated items, which at the time of delivery will be at a temperature in accordance with Food Health & Safety standards. It is highly recommended that you are home at the time of delivery otherwise please update your address to a work address or somewhere where someone can collect. Upon delivery, if the customer is not home, the refrigerated items will be left out with the rest of the customer’s order at the customer's own Risk.

Is your Produce Organic?

Much of our produce is certified organic, however we also support farmers that go beyond organic and grown amazingly nutrient rich foods within permaculture, biodynamic and syntropic systems.  These systems are more than organic and they tend to not even use organic pesticides and herbicides rather they have worked with natures systems for pest and predator control / management.  Feel Good Food Boxes includes produce that isn’t picture perfect, rather as nature intended. 

Can I change my order?

If you created a subscription, this is set up as a "Recurring Order". You must create an account or log in here. Then you can access the Manage Subscription area where you can make changes to your upcoming order. You can amend choices, and quantities. All subscriptions can pause, skip or cancel at anytime.

1. Log In / Register

2. Enter Details

2. Manage Subscription

Why is there a Saturday 5pm cut off for new and existing orders?

As a social enterprise we need to be able to keep our processes and systems as streamlined as possible.  This means reducing wastage too.  We also do one bulk order and have it packed and shipped to you within 24-48 hours.  This means you are getting the most freshest produce around.

Can I do a Once Off Order?

Yes, you can.  The only difference with once off orders is that we do not provide the equivalent to a low to medium income household at a subsidised rate.  Too much complexity.  These types of orders help us as a business continue being able to provide discounted prices to our community as we are in a more financially supported situation.  10% of once off order profits go back into the business to support our social enterprise endeavours.

How are you different to other Organic Food Delivery Providers

We are a social enterprise looking to make good food available to many.  We also beleive in protecting the Environment.

Most understand the numerous health benefits of eating organic and synthetic chem-free produce. However; this option is simply not accessible for many people on a lower - medium income. It's not right that personal and family health is compromised because of being priced out. 

Feel Good Food Boxes aims to reduce that gap. 

We offer seasonal box subscriptions of mixed organic & synthetic chem-free fruit and vegetables for singles, couples, average families and large families at differential / income tiered pricing.Market value boxes are sold at a competitive price as per the existing market rate. For every Market value box subscription sold we will offer an equivilant FLEXI box, to a lower or medium income household at a substantially lower cost. 

Medium Income boxes will see a discount of 15%.For Lower Income Boxes, this will mean a discount of 40%, making organic & chemical free produce accessible. Buying through us will mean that, on average a lower income earner will pay no more than 10% higher than the cost for the same quantity of non-organic/synthetic chem-free produce at some of the larger grocery stores.


What are the income tiers?

We offer seasonal boxes for singles, couples, families & large families on a subscription basis. These are offered on an income tiered / differential price base. 

Depending on box type, i.e., single, couple, family of 4 or family of 6. Everyone gets the same quantity and quality of goods; however, lower and medium income earners will access this at a more accessible rate. 

Market value purchasers / high income earners pay a competitive market rate as per other Organic & Synthetic Chem-Free food box delivery services. In undertaking their usual shop and spend, they can make a substantial impact by helping us to then provide supplemented prices for lower and medium income boxes. 

  • For every market value box subscription sold we will discount a lower to medium income box subscription from 20-30%. 
  •  Low to Medium income earners must complete an application and provide proof of income every three months to qualify. 
  •  We will approve and offer discounted prices to a lower to medium income earner when they meet conditions, a high-income subscription has been secured and they are next in line in the waiting list.

I'm in the high income bracket - why should I pay more than others?

The discount provided to lower and medium income earners is taken from our revenue and in doing so we make considerably less. This is not an added premium to high income earners.  The price is Market Value.  There are no premiums.

This is a social enterprise, which must make a profit to make an impact. Our focus is impact driven however; we also support that business can and should, create impact AND make profits. These two things should not have to be mutually exclusive. 

It is worth noting that the market rate for organic / synthetic chemical / pesticide free food box deliveries is actually very reasonable when you take into consideration things like growing, harvesting, transportation, storage, processing and packaging, and business operation costs including IT, administration, staff, marketing along with the cost of proving organic practices along the way. Organic, Biodynamicallygrown, synthetic chemical free & pesticide free food is usually more labour and management intensive and happens on smaller farms which lack the benefits of scalability. As consumers continue voting with their dollars, this will change and the gap will become smaller and smaller.

This type of food that is unadulteratedgoodness, is just not accessible to many on low to medium income.  It's also not as simple as saying build an organic garden.  These households have the same issues those with access to higher income face such as single parenting, working multiple jobs, kids, illnesses, injuries and limited time to grow and sustain an organic garden.

Organic & chem-free food should not be one of the first things you have to cut when you are earning less.  We are just bridging the gap until it becomes more affordable.

If you are already buying organic, you can make a difference just by choosing to shop with us.  

I love your concept but don't need produce.  How can I help make an impact?

We dont only sell produce - see our shop for other items and support us that way.  You can always gift a gift card to a loved one, or Pay It Forward to someone on our waiting list.

We are also looking for businesses in health, nutrition and exercise to provide incentives to their customers to subscribe i.e. mutual discounts to join, or for our potential customers to subscribe such as free yoga passes, nutrition consultation, etc.  Please get in touch hello@feelgoodfoodfoxes.com.au or 0430 421 214 to discuss.