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Do you want to offer your customers, employees and / or stakeholders incentives that promote health and wellbeing, increase your Social Return on Investment (SROI) and position yourself as business for good?



There are many ways you can increase your own Social Return on Revenue (SROI) and further support our mission on making  organic and 'free from' foods accessible to low to medium income households.


Purchase a market value box for your employees, customers and or stakeholders. For example; if you are a realestate agent you might purchase one of our Set Seasonal Boxes for every customer who buys a house or as a sign on bonus for new Gym or Health Programs. You could also give a monthly box to employees as part of your employee wellness package.


Increase your position as a business doing good and giving back to community, by donating a % of revenue/profit from the sales of your own products / services to Feel Good Food Boxes to go towards community supported boxes.


Another way you can support us making organics more accessible to low and medium income earners is by offering our subscribers an exclusive discount or free access to one of your own own products/courses.


Meet the businesses that recognise what we are doing and want to back us by looking after our subscribers!   They are businesses that align with our values and help our community create holistic health for themselves and their loved ones!.