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Turmeric (Organic)
Turmeric (Organic)
Turmeric (Organic)

Turmeric (Organic)

  • Certified Organic

    Turmeric is renowned for its health benefits and medicinal uses. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. Research shows it may provide relief from gas and bloating, congestion, improve skin conditions and provide releif from sore joints. It may be helpful in treating bowl diseases, managing cholesteral levels, improving cardivasicular and liver health.

    • Turmeric is a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, B3 Niacin, B6, calcium, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, and Dietary Fibre.
    • Best Stored: In a dry place
    • Can be eaten raw or cooked.

      Health Benefits

      • Vitamin C is needed for the growth and repair of the tissues in all parts of your body.
      • Vitamin K makes proteins for healthy bones and tissues and blood clotting.
      • B3 (Niacin) is a B vitamin that's made and used by your body to turn food into energy. It helps to keep your nervous system, digestive system and skin healthy.
      • Vitamin B6 is found naturally in many foods. Your body needs vitamin B6 to help support more than 100 enzyme reactions involved in metabolism. It is also essential in brain development during pregnancy and infancy as well as immune function.
      • Calcium is essential for building and maintaining bone. Almost 99% of the body's calcium is found in the bones.
      • Iron is a mineral that is naturally present in many foods. It is an essential component of hemoglobin, a protein that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Iron is necessary for growth, development, normal cellular functioning, and synthesis of some hormones and connective tissue
      • Potassium is a mineral that your body needs to work properly. It helps to regulate your heartbeat and ensures your nerves function properly. It also helps move nutrients into cells and waste products out of cells.
      • Manganese is an essential nutrient for your body to function! It helps process cholesterol, carbohydrates, protein and may also be involved in bone formation.
      • Copper works with iron to help the body form red blood cells. It also helps keep the blood vessels, nerves, immune system, and bones healthy. Copper also aids in iron absorption.
      • Zinc is a nutrient found throughout your body, helps your immune system and metabolism function. Zinc is also important to wound healing and your sense of taste and smell.
      • Magnesium can help regulate muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. It is also essential for making protein, bone, and DNA
      • Dietary Fibre, is important for a healthy bowel.


      • In Juices
      • 2nd Brew Kombucha
      • Add to cooking soups, casseroles, stews, curries
      • Add to ghee and cook turmeric popcorn
      • Add to roast veggies
      • Add to sweet potato chips baked in Ghee