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NEW FRIDAY DELIVERY / PICK UP OPTION - Order by Saturday 7pm for Wednesday Delivery or Tuesday 7pm for Friday Delivery!
Set Seasonal Box (Large/Family)
Set Seasonal Box (Large/Family)
Set Seasonal Box (Large/Family)

Set Seasonal Box (Large/Family)

  • A box of mixed seasonal Organic & Spray Free Fruit & Veggies.

    What's in the Box for Wednesday & Friday this week?

    Banana KG 0.750
    Broccoli EA 1.000
    Carrots KG 0.500
    Cucumber EA 1.000
    Coriander EA 1.000
    Kale EA 1.000
    Lime EA 1.000
    Leek EA 1.000
    MANGO EA 2.000
    Mushrooms KG 0.200
    Onion KG 0.500
    Gala Apples
    KG 0.750
    KG 0.500
    Pineapple EA 1.000
    Potato KG 0.750
    Pumpkin KG 0.250
    Spinach (Baby) KG 0.180
    Tomato (Truss) KG 0.400
    Zucchini EA 2.000

    Items are subject to availability and season.åÊ Weights and sizes are approximate only.