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Natural Zinc Balm (Dark)
Natural Zinc Balm (Dark)
Natural Zinc Balm (Dark)

Natural Zinc Balm (Dark)

  • Zinc Balm was created with the intention of being much more than your average Sun protection. Against The Grain wanted to create a product that was 100% handmade, reef safe, human safe, smelt fantastic, is easy to apply and contains only non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients that people can trust.

    What's different about 'No Funny Business' Zinc Balm?

    'No Funny Business' Natural Sun Protection is appropriately coined as it contains absolutely zero nasty chemicals!

    Below are some of its best features:

    • Easy to use application
    • Offers significant sun protection when applied to the skin tone of most people
    • Is very moisturising for the skin without being sticky or thick in any way
    • Contains a rare flower extract called Helichrysum (aka 'sun gold')
    • Doesn't damage our coral reefs
    • Doesn't sting your eyes or run off the skin with sweat or water
    • Instantly waterproof thanks to beeswax
    • Can be used to heal sunburn and rashes
    • Can be used as makeup foundation or primer
    • Won't stain your clothes if used correctly

    New Blend

    This new 'Light' blend has the additional new ingredients of Carrot Seed Oil, Peppermint oil and Lavender Oil. 

    Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil:

    ·      Blocks UV rays as a natural sunscreen (SPF of 38-40)

    ·      Skin Repairing & regenerating

    ·      Decreases sun damage

    ·      Antioxidant & therefore anti-ageing properties

    ·      Moisturizing for dry, dull skin

    ·      Improves complexion

    ·      Naturally balances the skin

    ·      Increases skin elasticity & firmness

    Giving back to the reef

    Our founding mantra - 'To be nurtured by nature is a reciprocal relationship' is why we are involved with some amazing environmental conservation organisations and always on the lookout to support mavericks of change! Recently we have partnered with the Great Barrier Reef Legacy Charity in northern QLD, Against The Grain donates $2.00 for every Zinc Balm towards their cause. 


    How long does it last? 

    Over 3 years we have sold just about every tin of No Funny Business personally and we ask people all the time, how long did it last. We always get a resounding "so much longer than I suspected, you just don't need to use much!" Based on 3 years of feedback we can tell you...

    If you use the product every day on your face, exposed arms and neck it should last you:

    1 person = 12-14 weeks

    2 persons = 6-8 weeks 

    3 persons = 4 - 6 weeks

    4 persons = 4 weeks

    SPF rating

    Our sun protection inventions have not been lab-tested to determine their exact SPF rating, which is why we don't make any claims. We prefer real people and real skin to tell us how effective they are, but just to be sure we use 30% non-nano zinc oxide and other wonderful ingredients that are well known for their ability to protect you from too much UV exposure.

    About The Zinc & How To Apply

    Based on customer feedback we have found that applying to skin colour will achieve approximately 2 hours of 30+ SPF equivalent sun protection.

    To achieve longer protection apply a second coat, to which you might see a slightly opaque colour. This tends to disappear as well in 20 minutes, but the protection remains bound to the skin with beeswax. 

    Aside from having plenty of non- nano zinc oxide there is also additional sun protection offered from other ingredients which are proven to exhibit protection from UVA and UVB damage.

    To apply: There is a knack! Once you have 'the knack' this sun protection is a pleasure to use. Simply warm a small amount between the fingertips, tap onto exposed areas, ensuring even coverage, and simply rub to skin colour. 

    Watch the 'How to' video here.


    30% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

    Organic Cocoa Powder

    Organic, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil & Olive Oil

    Australia Beeswax,

    Natural Vitamin E

    Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - Helichrysum.

    Benefits of Helichrysum

    For education purposes only:

     Helios Chrysos - aka 'Sun Gold' Essential oil:

    - Detoxes Heavy Metals

    - Wrinkles & Stretch Marks

    - Varicose Veins

    - Scars & Wounds

    - Emotional Balance

    - Shock & Pain Relief

    - Cough & Congestion

    - Nose Bleeds

    - Bleeding & Haemorrhaging

    - Tinnitus & Earache